Welcome to Focus Environmental Services

Focus Environmental Services experienced scientists are providing services to clients in both the private and commercial Industrial sectors throughout New Zealand.

Our staff has extensive domestic and international experience in the following fields:

  • Contaminated Land Investigation, Remediation & Validation
  • Water Quality – Ground Water & Surface Water
  • Landfill Gas Monitoring – Gas Quality & Instantionus Surface Monitoring
  • Emissions to Atmosphere
  • Occupational & Environmental Noise Assessment
  • Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health Assessment
  • Project Management

Our dedicated team will ensure that our clients are fully aware of the potential scope of works and the associated costs so that there are no surprises. Focus will carry out all required sampling under chain of custody and ensure that all samples are transported to an accredited analytical laboratory. Our monitoring services allows us to offer clients the full range of environmental services from onsite monitoring and collection of samples, to final interpretation of results.