Contaminated Land

Focus provides a total project management approach to work relating to potential/known contaminated land, including:

  • Initial Site Desktop Study
  • Preliminary and Detailed Site
  • Investigations
  • Remediation Action Plans
  • Human Health & Environmental Safety Plans
  • Resource Consent Applications
  • Project Management of Remediation Works
  • Site Validation Reporting
  • Site Management and Monitoring

Landfill Gas Monitoring

  • Landfill Gas Quality Monitoring and Sampling
  • Design and Installation of Gas Monitoring Wells
  • Landfill Gas Emission ISM Surveys for Existing and Closed Landfills
  • Measurement of Gas Levels in Buildings and Enclosed Areas


Water Quality

  • Ground and Surface Water Quality
  • Installation of Monitoring Wells
  • In-situ Analysis
  • Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Occupational Exposure Surveys

Working with employers and employees, monitoring the work practices, identifying the hazards, measuring the exposures, implementing a plan in order to eliminate, reduce and protect employees from the exposures.

  • HSNO Classifications for substances used in the Workplace
  • Direct Comparison of Substance with Work place Exposure Standards
  • WES Expressed as Time Weighted Averages 8hr TWA
  • WES Short Term Exposure Limits STEL
  • Noise Exposure Levels Expressed in LAeq, 8hr dB(A)
  • Peak Noise Levels Lpeak

The occupational monitoring team at Focus Environmental Services can provide a thorough service that will give peace of mind to employers concerned with the health and safety of their employees.